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Hello and welcome to a bit of information...

About me and my business
My names Ryan and I have been operating as a locksmiths since 2016. In this time I have learnt a lot about the trade and I really enjoy my work. I pride myself on being up front and honest. I will always get a quote to you for free even if that means coming out to get information first hand (free quotes and call out so no charge here). My customers only pay for a service once its been completed and they are happy with the work carried out. Incase of lockouts non-destructive entry is always my first plan of attack. Any parts I may have to damage and replace is always discussed before hand along with any additional cost of parts so your not presented with a surprise nasty bill higher than what was originally quoted.
My trade
I don't claim to know everything about the locksmith industry and am continually learning the trade. In fact there are many areas of the trade I haven't yet trained in and so therefore am not sure about. If I feel I do lack experience in a particular area you as a customer may be enquiring about then I will always make that known. I like the work I undertake to be completed to a high standard so a good confident knowledge of what im doing is important to me.
How I operate
Its always a one2one experience here, Its only myself you deal with from initial call to job completed. I don't like procrastination and so am always happy to get your job done as soon as possible, I cant ever remember keeping people waiting (maybe with the exception of some stock issues from suppliers) but things within my control tend to get done with efficiency and punctuality. I also don't apply any call out fee's to my service. I am not a big enough business to charge VAT so again no hidden costs added when it comes to paying.
Aftercare and repeat customers
If there are parts involved in any work I carry out then I will always put a year on them, should they fail or not operate correctly within that period then one call and I will arrange to come out at the earliest convenience and replace/fix it free of charge. Also if I have done work for you before then a 10% discount is always offered for repeat custom.
Lockouts- Keys left on the inside, key snapped off inside the lock, Keys lost while out, Door slammed shut behind you, lock malfunction. A lot of these unfortunate situations can be sorted out quickly & non destructively.
Lock fitting- Add a lock to your interior or exterior doors, Increase security by adding a deadlock to wooden doors of your property, Change or upgrade the style of lock that's currently fitted.
Upgrading- Upgrade the lock or handles from what's currently fitted to something that's maybe a 1,2 or 3 star British standard, Upgrade your current cylinder to one that's anti-snap which is a great way to prevent from a very common entry methods used by people breaking and entering these days. Anti snap, pick, drill, bump, cylinders also available. All of which could be an upgrade to what's currently fitted to your property. On wooden doors maybe you only have a 2 or 3 lever lock fitted these are great for interior doors but not the best option for any entry doors into your property and can easily be upgraded to a solid 5 lever British standard lock which satisfies insurance companies.
Key safes- Ever thought about an external wall mounted key safe? These coded boxes are great for keeping spare keys to a property so you know there's always a key at hand. Also perfect for the elderly who might have carers coming and going or if you perhaps have a cleaner, tradesmen or any number of people you may need to allow access to your property while your not there. Just supply a code to them and change it again whenever you like.
Windows- Commonly keys get lost to these leaving the handles locked in place not allowing the window to open, keys snapped off inside or maybe the handle or part inside the window has just broke and needs replacing.
Garage door locks- Replace broken locks on garages or simply want it changed due to keys having been lost or stolen.
Lock changes- Somebody recently moved out? Just brought a new home or property? Lost your keys while out and about? Even if you have spares a lock change will give you piece of mind that no one out there has access to your home. New lock new keys!
Key cutting- duplicate your keys.
Keyed alike service- Fed up of having too many keys? A different key for every lock doesn't bother a lot of people but the options there to have all your locks work of the same key making things a lot easier to manage. This option only suits similar locks that are fitted throughout the property and will require you to change all locks to set up.
uPVC door adjustments- Doors are heavy things and over time they may drop slightly. You may notice that lifting the handles up on your uPVC door before you lock it has become tougher, harder or challenging. This can be a good indicator that your door has dropped a little and can be fixed by making some simple straight forward adjustments. If left you may suddenly not be able to lock the door at all and eventually even damage the gearbox inside the door which will be a more costly fix. Much better to get the issue addressed as soon as possible before parts are needed.
Handles & other door furniture- I supply and fit a small range of door furniture. Handles, latches, knobs, door chains etc. You may want a fresher look, add or replace broken furniture. I will come out and see what's needed or wanted with my catalogue and discuss options with you.

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Locked out Lock issues Lock changes uPVC door adjustments.
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Local Totton Locksmiths, 16 Bartley Court, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2AZ

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